Medium Duty Moving Floor

One of the secrets to Hamelex White Moving Floor trailers’ longevity is the use of the Hardox® Wear Plate in the trailer body and the renowned Cargo moving floor system, which both help to deliver a special combination of hardness, strength and toughness. When combined this gives the trailer an expanded working life and enhanced reliability. Other moving floor systems can be incorporated on request.

Hamelex White Moving Floors are designed to carry a wide range of bulk products mainly in the farm and timber industries, including grain, corn, wood chips, mulch and saw dust. This hard working trailer is available in single 45’ to 48’ configurations with a maximum height of 4.3m, while you have a choice of parallel sided or wedged style configuration designs to lower your tare and improve your payload. B-Double and road train configurations are also available.

Performance longevity, durability and high resale value are all part of the DNA of every Hamelex White semi-trailer. We strive for every ounce of additional endurance, strength and performance throughout the manufacturing process; including listening to your requirements and building them into your trailer.

As with all Hamelex White trailers we build, we ensure that full advantage is taken of every engineering and manufacturing opportunity to maximise your payload. This is another way Hamelex White strives to help your business to be more cost competitive and ultimately more successful.

To further improve your advantage, Hamelex White can work with you to give you maximum payload while ensuring your truck and trailer combination meets legal dimensional requirements for its specified route and application.

Features & Benefits

Dimensions 45’ Semi: 13.7m long x 2.4m wide x 2.8m high for a maximum height of 4.3m, 92 cubic metre capacity
Floor Straight floor or wedge shaped construction to give extra capacity
Configuration Medium Duty Style
Construction Full aluminium construction with 3mm x 40mm hollow extruded aluminum wall planks. Aluminium top and bottom coaming huck bolted to sides. Under body constructed from steel cross members and steel chassis sub assembly
Rear Doors Aluminium barn doors
Suspension Various air bag suspension options available
Braking System Dual line ADR approved
Standard Equipment
• Weatherproof toolbox
• External steps and ladders
• Bridgestone 11R 22.5 R285 radials
• Dual tyre carrier
• 60L water tank
• Narva LED multi volt lights rear and sides
• 2-speed landing legs
• Quick release PVC/mesh rolltarp with rolled tarp bows
• Alloy 10 stud wheels
• Disc brakes
• Electric drive unit fitted to rollover tarp
• Coupling with air electrics and hydraulics
• Coupling with air electrics and hydraulics
• Sweeper tarp
• 48’ option
Tare Weights 8.6 tonne + or – 2%