When only the best will do. Hamelex White’s B-Double is built to suit your own specific transport requirements starting with our market leading B Double combination design. Walls are constructed in 5mm plate and welded to exclusive Hamelex White top rails and corner extrusions. 6mm high tensile aluminium plate is welded directly to main bearers to form the floor, while solid steel construction is available if required.

Easy to maintain and easy to use; Hamelex White’s B-Double includes a handy button operated lock bar, a choice of various ladder and access options and the convenience of work lights and lights at the top of the gate for working at night. Plus other options are also available to suit your set-up which include inward opening access doors and various paint and colour choices. A road train configuration is also available on request.

The feedback we get from drivers across Australia is that they prefer towing a Hamelex White B-Double tipper. It does what it’s supposed to on the open highway, it feels right, performs right and gives drivers the added confidence in knowing there’s a quality trailer behind them.

Performance longevity, durability and high resale value are all part of the DNA of every Hamelex White tipper we build. We strive for every ounce of additional endurance, strength and performance throughout the manufacturing process; including listening to your requirements and building them into your trailer.

As with all Hamelex White trailers we build, we ensure that full advantage is taken of every engineering and manufacturing opportunity to maximise your payload. This is another way Hamelex White strives to help your business to be more cost competitive and ultimately more successful.

To further improve your advantage, Hamelex White can work with you to give you maximum payload while ensuring your truck and trailer combination meets legal dimensional requirements for its specified route and application.

Features & Benefits

Construction Construction from high tensile aluminium plate with exclusive HXW body extrusions
Floor 6mm plate welded directly to the main bearers, 8mm chamfered lower corner extrusions
Walls 5mm plate welded to exclusive HXW top rail and corner extrusion
Tailgate 5mm plate, top hinged with over centre locking. 38mm diameter pivot pins c/w replaceable nylon bushes. Manual operated tailgate
Suspension York Duratrac air bag suspension on York 2000 series steel 10 stud 285PCD 1840 track, grease filled axles
Braking system ADR approved dual line brake system
Hoists Hoist hydraulic low friction, low profile hoist
Lighting Narva LED rear inserts and side lights
Standard equipment – Bridgestone R187 11R x 22.5 tubeless tyres
– Fullchamp machine finished aluminium wheels
– Dual underslung fixed wheel carrier (b trailer only)
– 2 speed landing legs
– Skid plate – 12mm reinforced, 50mm bolt in king pin with removable block
– Glasuit 2 pack (non metallic) paint to all steel work only
Options Assorted body heights & axle / suspension combinations, sliding suspension (a-trailer only), chassis tip or tip over axle (b-trailer only)wheel, tyre, tarp, toolbox, water tank, air tailgate, access rungs, ladder, road train options all available on request
Tare Weights A trailer from 6.2 tonne and B trailer from 5.9 tonne