Tip Over Axle

The newly redesigned Hamelex White ‘weight saving’ Tip Over Axle (TOA) trailer delivers greater payload advantage and is available in a pressed sides steel or straight aluminium design. With the new pressed sides design lowering tare weight and improving performance, we have been able to build a TOA with remarkable resilience.

You have a choice of single trailer, B-Double, road train, bogey or tri axle configuration. Whichever TOA combination you choose you will not be disappointed, because performance longevity, durability and high resale value are all part of the DNA of every Hamelex White tipper. We strive for every ounce of additional endurance, strength and performance throughout the manufacturing process; including listening to your requirements and building them into your trailer.

Hamelex White’s Tip Over Axle comes in a standard body or a full width body to improve capacity and increase payload. LED lights are standard. All steel is grit blasted prior to painting for a smoother, longer lasting finish.

As with all Hamelex White trailers we build, we ensure that full advantage is taken of every engineering and manufacturing opportunity to maximise your payload. This is another way Hamelex White strives to help your business to be more cost competitive and ultimately more successful.

To further improve your advantage, Hamelex White can work with you to give you maximum payload while ensuring your truck and trailer combination meets legal dimensional requirements for its specified route and application.