Hunter 25M

To help operators gain that crucial advantage, the Hamelex White Hunter 25m aluminium B-Double tipper combination allows for easy unloading of the front and rear trailers without unhitching, making it ideal for operations where quick turnaround is a must. There’s no need to roll the body or slide suspension on the lead trailer.

The ability to unload both trailers without uncoupling, either in a jack-knife or straight line application, makes it the perfect solution for dual purpose use. The Hunter 25m also has the important advantage of being able to tip coarser product than when passing through a chute or grid.

The Hunter comes in a standard body or a full width body to improve capacity and increase payload. It can be configured to suit your load depending if you are transporting gravel, fertilizer, sand or grain. LED lights are standard, while optional rollover or retractable tarps are also available to suit your load and come in a choice of manual and electric operation.

As with all Hamelex White trailers we build, we ensure that full advantage is taken of every engineering and manufacturing opportunity to maximise your payload. This is another way Hamelex White strives to help your business to be more cost competitive and ultimately more successful.

To further improve your advantage, Hamelex White can work with you to give you maximum payload while ensuring your truck and trailer combination meets legal dimensional requirements for its specified route and application.

Features & Benefits

Basis Reliable Hamelex White construction using exclusive Hamelex White extrusions and beams.
Floor 6mm high tensile aluminium plate welded directly to main bearers
Walls 5mm high tensile aluminium plate mechanically welded to top rail extrusion.
Tailgate Single action air operated tailgate with grain door and spreader chains
Suspension TMC airbag suspension with lift axle options available
Axles TMC axles with various brake, hub and bearing options
Hoists Hoist hydraulic low friction, low profile hoists
Lighting Narva LED lighting across rear with Narva LED side lights
Options Assorted body height, wheel, tyre, tarp, toolbox, rock rib, floor thickness and cosmetic options available
Tare Weight 25M HUNTER nominal 13,000 Kg