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When McCarten Farms was looking for a sturdy transport solution that would be able to handle even the roughest terrain, the company settled on a Hamelex White B-double tipping combination – a steel giant that not only turned heads at the ITTES in March, but helped optimise McCarten’s entire grain cartage operation.

McCarten Farms' B-Double goes to work

McCarten Farms' B-Double goes to work

“What I admire most about Hamelex White equipment is that there’s no compromising when it comes to detail. Although the production itself is extremely fast, the final product is always immaculate,” says Phil Harries, Transport Manager at McCarten Farms and an industry veteran who spearheaded the acquisition of the Hamelex White B-double combination. “The trailer went into action in late March after Hamelex displayed it at the Truck, Trailer and Equipment Show in Melbourne, and thus far we’ve been very impressed with the way it handles on the road. The trailer’s presentation is also something to behold and since acquiring it, we have received non-stop compliments about the finish.”

McCarten’s fleet consisted of one tipper and two road train dollies with each used to service the needs of the business in and out of the farm. But, due to the company’s ever-growing workload, the urgency to purchase new equipment was an objective it could no longer overlook.

“Normally, the delivery time for a standard a B-double set of tippers is about three to four months. Hamelex White, however, was able to give us a time window of just about six weeks,” says Phil. “Our goal was to find a trailer that we could send into operation as soon as possible; hence why we decided to go with Hamelex White. But we were fully aware that the final product would be tough, reliable and quality built.”

McCarten Farms’ new B-double is based on a high tensile steel chassis fitted with a Meritor-built axle and air bag suspension combination. Overall, it can boast a payload capacity of 81m3 and bank on a wealth of quality equipment. Dutch hydraulics expert Hyva, for instance, delivered the hoists; and Italian powerhouse V.Orlandi the tow coupling. Additional features include sturdy roll tarps and access rungs.

McCarten Farms' Hamelex White B-Double Tipper

McCarten Farms' Hamelex White B-Double Tipper

According to Phil, although beneficial, hauling more grain in one go wasn’t a major concern when making the purchasing decision. “Obtaining additional payload wasn’t as a priority in this case, otherwise we would’ve gone for an aluminium solution. The bulk of what McCarten’s does is carting around farms, hence we mainly use dirt roads and any uneven surfaces in the country areas,” he says.

“This is why we prefer steel trailers as they can withstand the elements 100 per cent better than aluminium. If we did our work traveling on highways only there would be no issue at all, but because aluminium is a softer material it is more prone to sustain damage – particularly if you are travelling on an uneven road. For example, if you are returning to a site and the trailer is empty, the bumps on the road can end up causing cracks in the tub, as well as added stress to the suspension. So it was not practical for us in the farming industry. Having a strong Hamelex White B-double helps in cutting maintenance costs as well, because the steel won’t damage so easily.”

For almost a century, McCarten Farms has been successfully operating in and around Rankins Springs, New South Wales. For a farming company that is in the words of its fourth-generation owner Peter McCarten, “generally flat-out”, maintaining a serviceable and reliable fleet is paramount. “The B-double has great towing capabilities, the performance is first class, height controls with the tipper bins is premium, stability is excellent and it stands up well amid tough road conditions,” explains Peter, noting the solid investment McCarten Farms has made. “Another reason for purchasing the trailer is the rising transport cost from paddock to silo. We are carting the grain further to major sites as the local branch sites are limited on grain grades, and rail links are closing which becomes more costly. Road trains are the most economical and fastway to cart grain as a farming enterprise.”

“If there’s one thing unique about Hamelex White, it’s not just in the quality of product they give you, but how quickly they manufacture it. The products also come with a solid warranty that even covers the axle system, which is something not many manufacturers are willing to offer. In the agricultural sector, you can’t waste time and you need to keep growing or you’ll be left behind. Based on what we’ve seen from the output of this steel B-double, I’m pretty certain Phil and I will be placing more orders with Hamelex White soon.”

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