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In a contested transport equipment market, manufacturing a PBS-tested combination that can navigate through tight roads with a maxed out payload is a skill few have mastered. Hamelex White is one company that successfully falls into this bracket and recently, Trevange Holding became the benefactors of their three-axle rigid and dog combo.

Trevange Holdings 3 Axle Truck & Dog Trevange Holdings 3 Axle Truck & Dog

Performance Based Standards (PBS) enable transport companies like Trevange to increase productivity and safety using both computer-based simulation models and real world testing. “We were after a truck and trailer combination that was PBS-approved, so we settled on Hamelex White’s 49.5 tonne rigid and three-axle dog solution,” says Trevor Trezise, owner of Trevange Holding. “We predominately operate within the quarry industry, so the bulk of the work we do involves pickup, transport, tip and return.”

Trevange Holding began as a small family-business venture started by Trevor in 2006, when he was subcontracting for Boral. “I began as a subcontractor, bought my uncle’s truck and that’s how Trevange came about,” he says. The Haddon-based operation currently employs four people and stretches out across the vast regions of country Victoria. Being the small fish in a big pond makeup is exactly how Trevor likes it. “We have three trucks in our fleet. We’re also still a young company trying to get a feel for the industry, so at the moment we subcontract around and help the bigger companies. Currently, we’re assisting Boral with a project out in MacArthur and also do separate projects around Ballarat.”

In order to boost the productivity of Trevange’s operations over a year ago, Trevor knew a third tipper was needed, one which could not only offer additional payload support, but a tipper body capable of handling all sorts of material Trevange was transporting. “When we had the Hamelex White three-axle dog built, we also wanted it to be able to accommodate asphalt,” says Trevor. “Hamelex White were willing to listen and design a product based around that special requirement.”

According to Trevor, Hamelex White is synonymous with producing quality truck and trailer combinations capable of achieving a superior payload within the PBS framework. With extensive knowledge of the rugged terrain out in the country, Trevor was aware of the advantages his company could gain from having a Hamelex White PBS combination as part of the small fleet. “We ordered a 49.5 tonne trailer to accommodate all scattered work sites around country Victoria that we entered into and exited from,” Trevor explains. “We’re finding that some sites were getting too narrow for our vehicles, hence why we needed a three-axle solution. Hamelex White went out of their way to help me in not only building the trailer, but also acquiring the necessary permit to run it due to the 5.8 wheelbase that we required. That type of dedication is what sets it apart.”

The Hamelex White three-axle dog trailer is constructed from high tensile aluminium plate and is equipped with airbag suspension, dump valves and weight gauges that are plumbed to both axle groups; hydraulic hoists, spring-assisted drawbars, an air tail gate and drawbar lock, grain door, LED lighting, as well as a retractable mesh tarp with a vertical aluminium headboard.

“The shape of the combination has always been something we have been enamoured with. That’s what we want our fleet to look like,” says Trevor. “The dog trailer follows the truck very well as it should, and is a lot easier to reverse than the other dogs we previously had.”

Ultimately, Trevor cites the trailer’s tri-axle construction as paying dividends in the long run. “The three-axle dog combo gives us the benefit of less maintenance on it, because the one less axle will ultimately reduce the chances of wear and tear,” says Trevor. “The other two dog trailers we own have four axles each. Even though we’re only losing half a tonne as opposed to the other trailers, we’re finding more of our clients are requesting for less weight because they’re too big for the projects we’re involved in.”

According to Trevor, these projects are prone to increase substantially, making the partnership with Hamelex White an invaluable commodity towards Trevange’s future operations. “Hamelex bodies and trailers are second to none,” says Trevor. “Purchasing additional Hamelex White gear all depends on how we go as a business over the next 12 months. At the moment, we couldn’t be happier with performance of the three-axle dog trailer we have.”

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