Nothing rubbish about Hamelex White

Transferring waste from transfer station to landfill is a serious business, so when Western Australian company Sita Australia (SITA) needed additional walking floor trailers to cope with a growing workload, they turned to a tried and trusted supplier – Hamelex White. Click here to download the full story.

In fact, Hamelex White’s Heavy Duty walking floor trailers have been serving SITA for almost 10 years, and Workshop Manager, Jade Brown is adamant that these purpose built trailers are among the toughest available to help transfer unprocessed domestic waste from their Welshpool based transfer station to the landfill grounds in Cardup.

Therefore it is no surprise that SITA contacted Hamelex White’s WA Sales Manager Lee Maddison when the need arose to build an additional two walking floor trailers that would always be ready to take out the rubbish.

One of the secrets to the trailers longevity is the use of Hardox Wear Plate in the trailer body. With a special combination of hardness, strength and toughness, which also includes outstanding wear and deformation resistance, Hardox will help ensure SITA’s walking floor trailers have an expanded working life and provide enhanced reliability.

Each trailer has also been equipped with Hallco moving floor planks, which utilise a hydraulic drive and feature a straightforward mechanical design that provides both efficient performance and versatility.

An on-site workshop allows Jade and his team to integrate an ongoing maintenance schedule for their equipment, thus allowing the walking floors to be in operation six days a week, conducting on average, six to seven trips a day.

Because the build quality of the trailers has been so high, some of the existing Hamelex White SITA walking floor trailers have gone through a refurbishment program because, as Jade sees it, these trailers are too good to just get rid off. “We have always been satisfied with the final product that Hamelex White builds for us and Lee is an important point of contact for our business when we need additional support and back up. These trailers take a lot of punishment day in day out, yet they have continually proven their durability over a long period of time.”

Overall, SITA now uses 11 Hamelex White walking floor trailers as part of their WA operations. Realising the opportunities in WA and the importance of providing ongoing product support and service to its WA customers, Lee is well on the way to establishing strong relationships with many Western Australian based transport companies.

“I am particularly eager to promote the expertise of Hamelex White engineering and their ability to build custom solutions that meets the demand of the harsh transport environment in WA,” he explains.

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