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In Australia’s contested transport market, going the extra mile is mandatory to maintain competitiveness, but some companies always manage to be a fraction ahead of the pack. Hamelex White, for instance, now combined extra payload and low tare weight in one PBS-Approved package. Click here to download the full story.

Performance Based Standards (PBS) enable transport companies to increase productivity and safety using computer simulation models and real world testing to develop a new generation of high-tech transport equipment.

In a quest for a more profitable way to transport quarry products, Zanow’s Concrete and Quarries now decided to join the high-performance club and contacted O’Phee Trailers, who represent PBS specialist Hamelex White in Queensland. According to Darren Zanow, joint managing director of the eponymous company, O’Phee Trailers Sales Executive Hugh Carr demonstrated intimate knowledge of the quarry industry and recommended Hamelex White’s pre- approved 20m four-axle dog trailer – a PBS model capable of outperforming a standard B-double.

“We wanted to get up and running quickly, so we needed a pre-approved solution,” says Darren. “We looked at a wide range of alternatives, but the Hamelex White dog O’Phee Trailers recommended offered the best package. It’s not only pre-approved and ready to work straight away, but can also cart more freight although it’s 500kg lighter than a trailer of equivalent size that is not approved under the PBS scheme.”

“PBS focuses on a vehicle’s on road performance rather than on its length and mass, ensuring that the vehicle complies with all standards of stability and rollover risk,” explains Craig Wallace, Hamelex White General Manager. “The implementation of PBS enables each combination to carry a whole lot more freight.”

For Zanow‘s Concrete and Quarries, it was the first PBS experience since the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and the Productivity Commission identified PBS as a national reform priority to manage the growing freight task in 2006. “We’ve been using Hamelex White gear before, so we knew what we were signing up for,” says Darren. “The old equipment is still in use every day, so we knew we would receive a first class product again.”

Each PBS dog is equipped with a Meritor CS9 air suspension system, a resilient Edbro hoist and a state-of-the-art ABS system. In addition, each trailer is based on a new, lightweight chassis design and fitted with a safety device on the hoist for additional safety. “Our main quarries are located next to highways and state controlled roads, so we’re mostly operating on public roads. That’s why we placed high value on a complete safety package as well,” says Darren, who is confident that Hamelex White was the right choice to lead Zanow’s Concrete and Quarries into the PBS era. “At the moment, they are at the forefront of PBS compared to competing trailer manufacturers. O’Phee Trailers simply know more about PBS applications and already have experience with quarry specific equipment in Queensland.”

Delivered in September, the new combinations are working throughout regional Queensland. “It is working fantastically and handles a lot better than I thought it would. It is also very stable on the road,” says Darren after comparing Hamelex White’s new design to a standard dog. “A trailer must offer superior payload and also be rugged and durable enough to handle the load in the long-term without failing. It’s quite an investment, so value for money is paramount.”

Hamelex White’s flawless finish helped Darren make a quick purchase decision. “We place high value on the appearance of our gear,” says Darren. “It’s all sign written, bearing our family name, so we make sure it always represents us in a positive way.”

Zanow’s Concrete and Quarries was established in 1990 as an earthmoving company and specialised mainly in earthmoving work when brothers Darren and Brad joined the family business in 1992. “We now focus on the production and distribution of quality construction materials and premixed concrete to the South East Queensland market, which is a straining task for the transport equipment,” says Darren. “But, we think the transport arm is a key advantage of our business because the delivery service makes us a true one-stop-shop. “A modern fleet of transport equipment coupled with experienced and friendly drivers ensures full co-operation for the delivery of products to the customer’s requirement. That flexibility is our unique selling proposition, and Hamelex White helped us retaining it.”

Today, Zanow’s fleet consists of about 40 pieces of equipment – including 10 trailers to transport quarry products – and employs some 45 people. But, the future is yet to come, and Darren has an ambitious plan in place. “We want more quarries, more concrete plants, and more equipment – that’s the plan. We want to expand all around South East Queensland, and we will be looking at Hamelex White again if the time is right.”

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